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Little Green Men

Home | 1899 - The Green Boy from Harrah | 1906 - A Princess of Mars | 1908 - "Enchantment" | 1908 - Little Green Martians | 1911 - Fairy story | 1922 - Little green chorus | 1923 - Seeing LGM | 1924 - Adventures of the Twins | 1925 - In the days of the little people | 1928 - The god of Good Humor | 1931 - LGM that stare | 1936 - When children weep | 1936 - St. Patrick's day | 1936 - Going to pieces at 50 | 1942 - Hollywood Thracks | 1946 - LGM that giggle | 1947 - Living LGM | 1948 - Bogeymen

This site is currently under construction.
It will contain evidence that the term "Little Green Man" was in popular use long before UFOs ever came on the scene, and that its transition from the world of folklore to ufology was seamless.
This is an exercise in historical investigation, not a thesis of enormous implications! Yet debate about the use of the term "Little Green Men" (LGM) to describe extraterrestrials has gone on for years and a solution to the question "Who first called aliens LGM?" has never emerged.
It never will. There is no definite answer to this puzzle, because the term was used within a wide variety of contexts for generations. Children's tales, hallucinations, madness, drunkenness, nightmares, poetry, fairy stories... The images included here will provide examples of all these, years before LGM were associated with the pilots of flying saucers. Some not actually containing the words "little green men" have been selected to demonstrate the link between the colour green and extraterrestrials. 
As this is mainly a 20th century problem, the articles begin with 1899 and lead up to 1948, the year after the famous Kenneth Arnold sighting. 
This site will be improved as I find time to work on it. But I know many I have spoken to will appreciate seeing these items now, so I decided to throw some together in a memorable way!  :)
If you have any comments or queries, please contact me.
Best wishes,
Chris Aubeck

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